Mock Command #3

Abolish Abortion ‘Rights’

Mock Command #3: to abolish Abortion ‘Rights’



To the People of the United States of America

WE THE TRUSTEES of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (“TPB”)—our Branch of Government—do hereby FIND the following:

WHEREAS, the ‘New World Order’ (NWO)—by and through its “Deep State Traitors” infiltrated into nearly all local, state, and federal government offices, including our supreme Court—usurped our Congress’s role, made its own ‘law’ known as ‘Roe v. Wade,’ and has duped the American People since 1973 into believing that they have the ‘right’ to abort—to murder—their children; and

WHEREAS, usurpation nullifies all actions of the usurper; and

WHEREAS, ‘abortion rights’ are widely known to be unconstitutional; and

WHEREAS, the NWO’s de facto illegitimate incorporated ‘federal government’ (aka Deep State) has knowingly looked the other way as over 60 million American babies were murdered; and

WHEREAS, since each American life is worth over $10 million according to the Deep State, the NWO has damaged us in the amount of over $600 trillion; and

WHEREAS, in addition, via its Planned Parenthood facilities and other money laundering entities, the NWO has stolen many trillions more from us.


THAT ‘abortion rights’ are declared unconstitutional and void; and

THAT abortion is declared to be murder of the unborn in the USA; and

THAT the abortion issue and power to constitutionally regulate it is returned to the States; and

THAT all Planned Parenthood facilities, offices, equipment, and other assets in the USA, shall be physically seized as collateral pending the outcome of the American People’s Suits against the NWO; and

THAT all TPB offices shall take whatever action necessary to carry out the COMMANDS herein dispensed.

COMMANDED this ___ Day of _________, 2023.

~ Sample (“MOCK”) COMMAND ~

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