Mock Proposal #7

Take back USA Postal Services

Mock Proposal #7: to bid for USPS Funding



To the People of the United States of America

WE THE FOUNDING PATRIOTS of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH (“TPB”)—our pending Branch of Government—do hereby propose the following:

WHEREAS the ‘New World Order’ (“NWO”)—our ‘foreign enemies’—by and through its “Deep State Traitors”—our ‘domestic enemies’ infiltrated into nearly every local, state, and federal government office—has incrementally infiltrated its traitors into its UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES in preparation for their totalitarian takeover and control of our United States of America; and

WHEREAS said traitors in the USPS have increasingly aided in the NWO’s “governmental racketeering” in the USA, and in their election rigging and other overt and covert acts of treason to overthrow our country; and

WHEREAS, WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America (“WTP-USA”) are uniting to take back our country from the NWO and eradicate its Deep State bureaucracy from our midst (see plan/join on website).

WHEREAS, by way of our new “USA Constitution” (first draft available on website), PROPOSALS #1-6 seek to establish TPB, the Government Services Contract from the NWO, the ‘purse strings’ from the NWO’s ‘Congress,’ to reclaim our law enforcement, to reclaim our public educational system, and to perform all functions of the USDOJ and FBI; and

WHEREAS this PROPOSAL #7 seeks to contract with WTP-USA to provide all postal services for the USA.


PERFORM ALL FUNCTIONS of the United States Postal Service in exchange for the USPS’s revenues and funding from all sources, until our “USA Government” is instituted by our USA Constitution, and then to manage the daily operations of the “PEOPLE’S POSTAL SERVICE.” This PROPOSAL is contingent upon the seizure of all USPS property for WTP-USA.

PROPOSED this ___ Day of _________, 2023.

~ Sample (“MOCK”) PROPOSAL ~

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