Jump-start and supplement your child’s education with THE TUTTLE TWINS series of children’s books! Give your kids the knowledge they’re not getting in school; give them a “foundation of freedom.”

Open Your Child’s Eyes

The award-winning Tuttle Twins books will inform and inspire your children to learn about liberty and freedom and the like. As a result, they will discover their rights while they grow up.

Ethan and Emily—the Tuttle Twins—will open your children’s eyes to subjects not taught in school.

Don’t let your kids be among the hundreds of millions of schoolchildren who are indoctrinated each year with false history, bad economics, and ideological agendas. Instead, give them a head start and an advantage in life. Give them a ‘foundation of freedom’, for which they will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Strengthen Your Child’s Relational Skills

In addition to learning about freedom, your child will learn to relate to others – including their parents! They will have more confidence, in their speech and in their deeds. Their conversations will be enriched. The world will make more sense to them.

Furthermore, your children will be excited about their futures. And you will gain great peace of mind knowing that they are becoming more and more self-sufficient every day.

Above all, your kids will find that the world isn’t such a scary place after all.


Author Connor Boyack brings practical experience to his writings and to his Tuttle Twins series as a “full time freedom fighter” and homeschooling father of two young children. His efforts have reformed laws dealing with parental rights, business regulations, property rights, civil liberties, and education. And now, his books—over 175,000 sold to date—are brightening the futures of countless children.

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